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Motion Control with Linear Amplifier

Linear amplifiers give PiMotion™ exceptionally smooth performance of your BLDC (brushless), stepper or voice coil motors while keeping electrical noise to a minimum. Most motor controllers at this price point are PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) driven. In some applications this method of control is acceptable, but it has drawbacks. PiMotion™ uses a sinusoidal 16 bit DAC for each phase, allowing for precision control and low electrical noise. If your application involves delicate sensors, sensitive electrical components or high accuracy positioning, linear amplifiers are a must.



Devices with a linked network connection can interface with PiMotion™. In today’s market most applications require interfacing apps to run on both static and mobile operating systems. Each year the percentage of mobile OS devices greatly increases over the traditional PC market. Future designs of equipment must accommodate this segment of user interface. PiMotion™ allows for your designs to function directly on all major platforms, while not requiring any intermediate platform for communication. Mobile devices communicate directly to PiMotion™. So whether your application requires your code to run on Windows (8,7,Vista,XP) or Linux systems (Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, Fedora, etc.) or Mac OS X or Mobile OS (Android, iOS) PiMotion™ will work.


Motion Control and Driver in One

In the world of motor control many solutions are split into two components, one controller and one driver. PiMotion™ is both the controller and the driver in one small package. This design cuts down on the expense of wiring and reduces the complexity of your system.


Time Synchronization

Pimotion control offers synchronization capabilities between devices at less than 1 microsecond on a wired Ethernet connection. This is done on the local area network and does not require additional cabling. Competitor devices offer similar specifications but often rely on a separate control network to be used. On a WIFI connection PiMotion™ will also synchronize multiple devices to within 100 milliseconds.


Network Interface

100base-T network connection reliability and dependability were the foundation requirement with PiMotion™. No other means of communication has proven more reliable than 100base-T network connections. Connect to your LAN, WAN or use a Wi-Fi bridge adapter if wireless control is required. With definable password access PiMotion™ can also be connected directly to the Internet if off-site control is required.



Password access with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. Whether controlling your equipment from a cell phone or a laptop system security is a major concern, that is why all communication is completely encrypted. Resettable password access allows your design to keep any unwanted interferences from disturbing your system. When a design requires full WAN access it is absolutely necessary that the motion controller you choose has both password protection and encrypted communication.


Multi Programming Language Support

With libraries for multiple different programming languages PiMotion™ is one of the most universal motion control device available.

Industrial Design

PiMotion™ is designed for use in industrial applications. The sturdily built enclosure will protect the electronics from most mishaps; the unit can withstand a full sized sedan driving over it. We know; we tested it. Such abuse is not recommended, however we were pleased PiMotion™ suffered no damage from this experiment.


Sample Applications
with Source Code

Vena is continually adding new sample projects with all the required source code available on our web site. This code is absolutely free as long as it is used in conjunction with a Vena product.